Present projects

ECOFUN (2017-2023). Ecological production functions to evaluate ecosystem services delivered by seagrass beds. Role: IP and fellowship holder.

CADYCCO (2018-2019). Carbon dynamics in vegetated coastal communities of Cádiz bay (sub-project #2). Role: IP.

SEASINK (2019). Fate of microplastics: The role of seagrass meadows as particle sinks. Role: IP.

RIAVALUE (2016-2019). Valuation of the ecosystem services delivered by Ria Formosa lagoon. Role: researcher.

Past projects

REASE (2017). Rede de educação ambiental para os serviços dos ecossistemas. Role: researcher.

ECORISK (2013-2015). Ecological risk assessment of oils and hazardous and noxiuous substances in the NW Portuguese coast. Role: researcher.

COST (2010-2014). Seagrass productivity: from genes to ecosystem management. Role: researcher.

IMACHYDRO (2009-2011). Interactions between hydrodynamics and marine macrophytes meadows: from the organisms to the ecosystems. Role: researcher.

ECOLAGUNES (2009-2011). Environmental management of aquatic lagoons. Role: researcher.

EVAMARIA (2005-2008). Integrative study of the effect of physico-chemical and biological variables on the ecology of marine macrophytes meadows in Cádiz Bay Natural Park. Applications to the management. Role: researcher.