Ecosystem services in coastal wetlands

I investigate the provision of ecosystem services by coastal wetlands, in particular by seagrass and salt-marsh ecosystems, through their capacity to sequester and store carbon, purify the water, and support biodiversity, including commercial fish and bivalve species.

Seagrass monitoring and conservation

I am interested in assessing the status of seagrass ecosystems at local, regional and global levels. I have coordinated and participated in local programs to monitor seagrass health in Cádiz Bay (south Spain) and Neguanje Bay (Colombia), and Ii have assessed the trends of seagrass meadows in Europe over the last decades.

Seagrass responses to environmental stress

I use observational, mesocosms, and flume-tank approaches to investigate the responses and acclimation of temperate and tropical seagrasses to stressful conditions of hydrodynamics, light, nutrients, metal pollution, and ocean acidification. My research is focused at the plant level, especially integrating morphology and mechanical principles on the ecology of these plants.

Marine Pollution

I am also interested in assessing the pollution in the marine environment. By bridging toxicological data and agent-based models, I translate effects at the individual level to ecological relevant levels such as populations. I used this approach to assess the effects of chronic exposure of marine amphipods to a pharmaceutical and to hazardous and noxious substances at the population level.