I have been involved in a variety of fieldwork and scientific expeditions across the globe. I have participated in projects to monitor seagrass meadows in Cádiz Bay (Spain) and Neguanje Bay (Colombia), and I have conducted field research on seagrass ecology in Australia and Indonesia. Currently, I coordinate a variety of fieldwork-based projects in the Ria Formosa, a coastal wetland in south Portugal.

As a certified scientific diver, I have been also involved in surveys to study kelp forests in the Iberian peninsula and populations of seahorses in Greece. Back to my years as a university student, I participated in oceanographic campaigns in the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Cádiz, and the Gibraltar Strait. When traveling, I like to document as much as possible the distribution of seagrasses in the places I visit, as I did thought mini-expeditions in Iceland or Malaysia.