Kelp forests

In 2015, a colleague from the CIIMAR, J. Franco, invited me to dive in kelps forests in north Portugal for his research on the ecology of these understudied ecosystems. A few months later, I invited him to do the same in Tarifa, where I am familiar with the kelp populations. We dived to study the kelp abundance and the fish assemblages in the kelp populations of the island, at depths ranging from 22 to 31 m. We are indebted to Enrico, from YellowSub, for his kindly support in Tarifa.

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Franco JN, Arenas F, Sousa-Pinto I, de los Santos CB. 2020. Snapshot of macroalgae and fish assemblages in temperate reefs in the Southern European Atlantic ecoregion. Diversity, 12(1): 26. [Open Access]